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Welcome to the Aardvarks Ravens & Pigs website. The main objective is to get the full history of the F-111 out of my computer for the world to see. 25 years of researching the F-111 resulted in a very significant archive with many rare historical files. Doing everything in a digital format enables the full history to be told. A daunting amount of very rare historical files has taken many years to correlate into the hundreds of pages on each & every airworthy F-111.

Many pages have been proof read by those directly involved in mishaps & other events involving individual aircraft from the 1960s through to 2010. Speaking to a website design made me realise the appealing options available. On this website you can choose all the files of interest to you.

Piracy of the website & was a real concern, so files of interest will only be available to view in a member’s folder online (no download option).



The list of Contributors reads like a who’s who of the F-111 Program.

They are retired USAF / RAAF / General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin / test pilots & contractors.
Bill Sutherland, Bill Allen, Don Gwynne, Dale Brawner, Lee Young, Steve Tobey Seven Clark, Stephen von Schmittou, Charles Bogle, Herb Campbell, Don Pyeatt, David Wood, Don Romary.

Retired USAF – Arnold Franklin, Jim Rotramel, Richard Brown, Brad L Insley, Ed Braken, Bob Pastusek, Ed Jespersen, Mario Alfonsi, Jim Jimenez, Chris McWilliams, Pete Doe, Ed Macneil, Ken Holder, Mike Kaplan, Lou Benoit, Les Holland, Tom Germscheid, Joe Keene, Malcolm B. “Mac” Armstrong, Don Harten, Don Logan, Joe Hodges, Bill Wilson, Charles Van Driel via son Russell, Gail Coltman, Tom Milligan, Austin Thomas Jr, Rick Sine, Roger Peterson, Bill Fairfax, Tony Sobol, Jim Anderson, Maurice E Seaver Jr via Will Seaver, Robert N Hopkins, Don Westbrook, Mike Hall, Tom Rodgers, Bill Hamilton, Eric R. Puschmann, Bill Lassiter, Bert Marshall, Rodney Nottingham, Bob Montgomery, Brian.C.Rogers, Chuck Rouhier, Robert L. Dunham Jr, Bill Myatt, Ron Van Der Warker, Jeffery J Zeitvogel, Arnie Brown, Samuel Fletcher, 1963 test pilot Robert C.Rose, Doug Fringles, Frank Baehre, Greg Coker, Brad Oconner, Ike Sweesy, Dennis Hardziej, John Driscoll, Jean Rudiger Lorenz, Bob Medvetz, Ronald Enriquez, Bob Bolick, John Book, Steve & Jeff Hyre, Ulysses Taylor, John Pallaschke, Ernest Skillern Jr, Jim Rusch, Julian Acevedo, Mario Alfonsi, Ronald Enriquez, Steve Casad, Louie Alley, Ron Beerman (F-111B Program). Thom Lancy, John E Book, Leland B Cook, James Waits, Curt Lenz.

Retired RAAF; – Air Vice-Marshal David Rogers (Retd), Anthony Wilkinson, Air Commodore (Dr) Mark Lax OAM, CSM (Retd), Sqn Ldr Wally Walters(Retd), test pilot Ron Green, Mal Tutty, David Riddel, Lenn Bayliss, Alex McCreath, Wing Commander Al Curr (RIP), Chris Moffat.

This includes a very long list of passionate civilian enthusiast.
Philippe Colin, Anthony Thornborough, Adriaan de Graaf, Joe Arnold, Steve Bosang, Steve Davies, Nigel Pittaway, Martyn Swann, Keith Synder, Bill Thurley, Walter Witherspoon, John Boyes, Mark Pourzenic, Tommy Thomason, Willy Peeters, Kevin Patrick, James Watts.

My apology for not including every name of the contributors. Rest assured the name is included with the image amongst all the pages

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