A big thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Cedric Mitchell – a USAF F-111 Avionics Veteran of 25 years. A very significant contribution made this project. RIP my friend.
Jim Rotramel – a former USAF WSO who kindly & most generously assisted me in many ways. You’re a gem “Rotro”.
Don Gwynne – your very considerable F-111 crash investigation experience has been invaluable.. thank you very much Don.
Dale Brawner – your F-111 crash investigation files has been greatly appreciated – RIP Dale
Bill Sutherland – was with the F-111 Program from start to finish & GD Tech Liaison Rep for the RAAF – Thank you very much Bill.
Lou Benoit – your crash investigation experience & dedication to research is truly exceptional. Congrats on the great book.
Alan Curr – few knew it was Al & his team who made the Dec 2010 RAAF F-111 Retirement Ceremony happen. RIP Al.
David Riddel – former RAAF F-111 Navigator & the man who kindly invited me to RAAF Base Amberley a few times & much more.
Rick Sine – 474TFW Road Runners Historian…thank you very much Rick.
Roger Peterson – 474TFW Road Runners Historian…thank you very much Roger.
Athur Sevigny – Retired 20 TFW Historian – thank you for your considerable contribution.
Mike Kaplan – F-111 Avionics Veteran – your very significant photography collection is greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike”
Steve Hyre – a retired USAF F-111 Avionics Veteran of 20 years & co-author of a few books & the F-111 Veterans Memorial in Clovis NM.
Duane Park – your award winning dedication to the 20TFW Upper Heyford history has been truly exceptional.
Philippe Colin – you have given so much over all these years. I could not have done it without you, thanks Philippe.
Tony Thornborough – author of a few great books – Your very significant contribution is greatly appreciated.
Doug Loeffler – a great contributor for many years… thank you Doug.
Robert Styger – a great contributor for many years… thanks Robert.